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How to register as a photographer at LensCross

How to register as a photographer at LensCross

Photography has gained a lot of popularity as a profession in recent times. Many people are looking to hire professional help to capture the special occasions of their life. LensCross provides a platform for people to find photographers for both personal and commercial purposes. To know more about photography as a profession, click here.

About LensCross

LensCross is a subsidiary of NineGap. It is a photography-based platform. The primary aim is to bridge the gap between the customer and the photographer. Such a platform is highly beneficial for freelance photographers. It offers them opportunities to be recognized and rewarded for their talents. The platform provides specialized packages for users to choose from. 

How To become a Lensman at LensCross

Creating Your profile

You can register as a photographer on LensCross through their website. Click on the “Become Lensman” option available at the bottom of the Quick Links section’s web page.

Become a Lensman

You will be directed to a registration screen. It has 2 options. You can either sign up as a user to browse listing or a photographer. Choose a username as well as a password. Provide a valid email address and phone number.

Lensman registration

Once you are signed up, it is time to set up your profile. You will have a menu panel on the left of the screen. It is set on Dashboard by default. The Dashboard is basically the summary of your LensCross experience. It displays your Active Listings, Total Views, Total Reviews and other activities.

To set up your profile, select My Profile in the menu. Here, you can upload your profile picture as well as your personal details.

My Profile

Choosing your package

After creating your profile, click on Add Listing. This section offers tiered packages. These packages determine the perks as well as the level of access provided to the Lensman. Choose your ideal package based on your preference as well as your level of experience. These packages are:

Free Forever: The starting tier, which is free of cost and includes three listings. Each of these listings is available for 365 days. However, no featured listings are provided.

Professional: This is the highest package available. It provides ten listings. These listings have no time limit. Your listings will also be featured in search results.

Basic: This is the intermediate tier. It offers five listings that are available indefinitely with no time limit. However, no featured listings are provided.

LensCross Packages

Business Details

Once you have chosen your package, provide your professional details. These include:

Basic Information: This category includes details like your company name. You also have to specify the genre of your photography. Every category has its own services as well.

basic Lensman details

Your Location: You also have to specify your location. This helps your business by attracting local customers. The website provides a map to do this easily and accurately.

Location details

Your Gallery: This allows you to showcase your talent. Upload some of your best work. It will serve as a portfolio and attract customers.


Details: Here you can provide a brief description about your business. You can also provide a video sample. This is also where you specify your prices. This section provides options to link your social media handles as well.

Allow Bookings: You can toggle whether or not you want users to e able to book your services for this listing.

Your Holiday Calendar: This section allows you to specify the specific days on which you won’t be available.

Holiday calendar

Finishing Touches

After you are done with these details, the last step is to preview your profile. Once you are satisfied with how your profile looks, you are all set. You are now officially a Lensman on LensCross!

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